Monday, August 8, 2011

Ahh... The Vanity

On July 23, 2011, I finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight. Are you kidding me? River turned 19 months a week and a half later. I seriously never imagined it would take this long. This isn't even taking into account the .9 at the end of that 111, or the fact that I had my first weigh in at the doctor's office in the afternoon, with clothes on and after I had eaten, but I took this pic first thing in the morning, pre-food and in my skivvies. All I know is the scale says 111, so I am counting it.
The crazy thing is how unflattering the same number on the scale can be. I am missing my flat stomach and totally not missing this extra padding on my hips. Plus, alert the authorities, someone done stole my boobs (sorry if you find that inappropriate) right of my chest. Seriously. I stopped nursing and they disappeared. It's not right.
I try to remind myself I lost 48 pounds. Someone mentioned she only gained 20 pounds with her pregnancies and I almost died. I seriously gained that in my swollen right foot. 20 pounds! I didn't even think that was really possible. It's not like I eat that much more while I'm pregnant. Maybe I am one of those sleep eaters... next pregnancy, I am setting up a camera.
The funny thing about it taking this long to lose all the weight was that I dropped from 158 to 127 in two weeks and from 127-120 in 6 weeks and then bam... not a pound more for over a year. I got all cocky in the beginning, thinking it was going to be a breeze. I should stop getting cocky. Nothing good ever comes from getting cocky.
If you're wondering what I did to lose the last ten pounds, I finally admitted I could no longer be one of those people who ate whatever they wanted and only exercised sometimes and not have weight issues. Instead of bemoan this fact, I decided to be grateful for the 31 wonderful years I had and seriously make some changes. I only drank one can of soda a day prior, but soda is a waistline killer, so I cut down to one can on the weekends. I had already been going to the gym 3 times a week, but upped that to five and I run every day but Sunday. Sometimes it is only a mile, but the frequency has been the key and I am finally seeing a difference. Now if I can just get my boobs back!


Scott and Stacia said...

Congrats!! It only gets harder with the next one :) And the boobs don't come back :( Enjoy life and don't exercise too much!!

annette said...

I may have boobs after two kids (and no breastfeeding) but they're frighteningly floppy. Maybe you should be grateful yours disappeared. Congratulations on your hard work and achieving the dream. I'm not convinced I'll get much exercise in now that I have 2, but I am certainly starting to watch what I eat. And it's totally sucking the fun out if my life. (sigh) I miss my college metabolism...

Jessica Rudder said...


I remember 111.

That was 6 pounds worth of cookies and Coke ago.


I keep thinking that the next pound up on the scale will be the motivation I need to change my behavior. So far, my cookie eating will power is stronger than my "I'd like to be able to fit into at least some of my clothes" will power.

Kevin Doyle said...

Well, I can't offer anything on the bustline score but congratulations on the weight loss. That takes a lot of work. That stuff doesn't just disappear on its own.

Candice said...

I remember 111 pounds...I was 12. You are awesome. You deserve the vanity.

Beandip said...

Congrats! Btw when I just saw you, you looked amazing as always. Honestly, better than ever, and I mean that! Remember muscle ways more than fat sooooooo...... that means you have more muscle now is what i say! The boob thing does suck but at least you're cute.