Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tie Dye

Remember my Wizard Baby phase, where every time River wore his blue (wizard) hat, I couldn't resist taking a picture? Well now I have entered a tie dye phase. I think he is irresistible in this onesie. It is my favorite. I think all little kids should wear tie dye all the time. It's bright and colorful and when they spill stuff on their clothes, you don't even notice. Less stress for you=more fun for them. Babies should wear onesies as much as possible. It is the only time in their lives it will be acceptable to do so, so have at it River... Show us your hunky, chunky thighs.

This post is supposed to just be about how cute River is, but now the subject of children's clothing has entered my brain and I might need to rant about a pet peeve of mine. I read in a history class one time, about babies in the Victorian age (or some other age) having to dress like miniature adults. It completely restrained them from running around and you know, being kids. I thought, "How awful." But now, it is totally happening here too. Yes, have a few cute outfits, for family photos and special occasions, but don't skip over the soft cotton onesie with the animal on it, because you don't think it is cool. It should only matter if your kid likes it and is comfortable in it. Maybe it is good if you don't like it so much, that way they will be free to run around and get a few grass stains. I know five year olds who ask to stand on the line at recess, because they don't want to get there clothes dirty. That's sad... not tragic, but sad and who knows what biases they will have when they get older, because clothing was given such a high priority.

Ha, ha... I realize I am probably in the minority on this one. Fashion is not my passion. I actually wish we all wore sheets draped around us like the ancient Greeks and Romans. I guess it doesn't matter what your kids wear, as long as parents care more about letting them play hard than keeping their outfits nice.

A brief history on this onesie. It is a hand me down that I bought. Wait you ask... how do you buy a hand me down? Well, eight years ago, my friend Becca had a beautiful little boy Trevor and I knew his dad would be having him wear polos in no time, so I had to have a hippie intervention and get him this onesie. It has since been worn by her three other kids as well, though judging by its excellent condition, probably not very much. I guess they didn't go through the tie dye phase.

By the way, this little one turns 20 months tomorrow. He is learning at speeds that floor me daily. My new favorite developement, is just in the last couple weeks, he has become attatched to one of his bears (the biggest one, might I add) and his blanket. I have never seen anything more classic than a sleepy head wondering around holding a bear in one hand and a blanket in the other and still managing to suck his thumb. Norman Rockwell painting for sure.

River might be tired of the camera, but the camera will never tire of him.


Candice said...

I totally agree about the clothing, and dressing your children as adults. I have recently been going through a shoe crisis with Steele. He can walk anywhere barefoot, but when I put shoes on him, he suffers.

So he is still barefoot. So not kosher. But he is happy and mobile.

The Bears said...

And totally healthier for the developement of their feet Candice, but I know how you feel. I never thought I would care what others said, but I totally cared more than I thought when people would ask about his lack of shoes.

Annette said...

River looks adorable in tie-dye. I hate to wear shoes and hardly ever did when I was younger. I even have the scar on my foot from where the horse stepped on my bare foot. However, my husband hates it. He always made the kids have at least flip flops on their feet when outside and I have to admit that
my kids have had far fewer foot injuries than I did. Fewer bee stings, fewer cuts, etc. But it is really only "your business" whether River wears shoes. Who cares what other people think. Just because they think it doesn't make it true. You are a great mom.