Monday, August 1, 2011

19 Months

I was sent one of those email alerts that tell you how your baby is progressing. The only problem was, it was for a 19 month old. I thought it was a mistake and then I realized... WOW! River is really 19 months!
He can speak some, sign a lot and tell jokes (If I say it's hot, he'll do the sign for cold, so I will say, "It's not cold!" Then he'll sign cold again and laugh and laugh.) Lately he likes to try and drink his bathwater, just to get a reaction out of me. He loves watching Long Island Iced Z (it's a wrestler's youtube channel and he sincerely loves it... he throws up the L and I finger sign, fist pumps and even woo, woo, woos). He is still a dance machine and loves music (thank goodness for singing time in nursery, or I'm not sure I could get him to stay). He loves playing with the big kids and if an older kid comes around (especially a boy in the 4-6 age range) he pulls out all his coolest moves to try and impress. He also talks their ears off in his own special language, which is hilarious, because they look at me and matter of factly point out that he is not making any sense.
We think he is delightful in every way, but one thing that still needs work... well... roll the footage, roll the footage...


B and C said...

What a doll :) I just love little boys!

Jessica Rudder said...

I think he's a great jumper!

At least, he's not all that much worse than I am.

Josh saw me jump (trying to reach a basketball rim on a lower-than-average goal) and said I needed to take jumping classes.

Don't blame me - blame physics! Longer legs get more spring force and propel jumpers higher in the air. Tinies like me and River just can't get that much air.

The Bears said...

I totally agree with you Jess and then every now and then, some freak of nature comes around who is 5'4" dunks a basketball and plays in the nba, just to prove us wrong. Well maybe they are 5'4" and all legs.

Hal Fields said...

Jump, Rio, jump! What that white boy lacks in ups he more than makes up for in style.