Friday, November 9, 2012

Luke and Kristy

Well my prediction on having the baby today turned out to be just wishful thinking, so, as to not repeat history, I will blog about Luke and Kristy's wedding before I get lost in baby land the second time around and three more years wiz by.

I actually really like weddings.  I like to see what colors they picked and what flowers.  I like to find out if it's just because they liked them, or if there is a more personal reason why.  I like to watch the cake cutting and first dances and hear what songs they picked.  I love catching up with all the other family members that come and watching videos or seeing pictures of the couple growing up.

And this is why it is so "INTERESTING" going to a wedding with your two year old.  All your conversations are cut short as your little man escapes your arms and runs down a hallway, into a crowd and you must follow after him.  I was in the bathroom changing a diaper when the cake cutting was happening and I was calming a crying little guy from a big fall during one of the dances.  Even with Bear doing most of the River duty, since it was my side of the family at the wedding, I feel like I got an average of 15 seconds of conversation, before I had to run after my babe.

Despite my frenzied ability to pay attention and despite the torrential rains and tornado warnings, causing a last minute change inside, Luke and Kristy's wedding was beautiful and just the right combination of elegant and fun.  I was so thankful to get to be a part of my little brother's wedding.  It had been planned for a year and when I found out I was pregnant in the spring, I was a little worried it might be too close to my due date to travel.  It all worked out.  Kristy handled the last minute changes to her wedding better than any bride out there... way better than I would have.  There was not one complaint all night and everything was fabulous!

Like I said, I wasn't always present at the big moments, so I am filling in the gaps with some of the professional pics and my cousin Sarah's photo's that are pretty awesome too.

For a wedding that was supposed to be outside, they sure made it gorgeous inside in a hurry.

It wasn't the long march down a staircase to the gazebo in the middle of a vineyard that she had planned, but that is one nice aisle to walk down.

Waiting for the ceremony to start... 35 weeks and swollen feet!  Have you noticed a theme at my siblings weddings.  They like for me to be big, fat and pregnant in all the pictures.  My mom is worried I can only get pregnant if a sibling is getting married and now I am out of siblings.  Here's to hoping that won't be a problem.

He was making funny faces in every picture, but my little man could not have been more handsome in suit.  Thanks Rocky for letting us borrow it!

Doesn't this face just say, "I'm going to keep you on your toes tonight!"

Thankfully, we had raisins and fruit snacks to get us through the ceremony.  He kept saying, "Uncle Luke gets mawied."  Notice the suit jacket is already off.  Well, we tried.

Sealed with a kiss.

Always nice to be smiling after the biggest commitment of your life... and the next!

Time to eat... Of course if you get married in KC you eat barbecue baby... no matter how fancy the wedding is.

Time for cake.  It all started out so polite...

But then this happened.

Like any good Fields girl though, Kristy gives as good as she gets!

Where I was while all this was happening... well if you have to be in a bathroom, they don't get much prettier than this one.

A shout out to the awesome groom's cake.  Yes, that is a cake and it tasted much better than the bitter taste of defeat the Tiger's had to swallow that night.  They got killed by Alabama.  It was ugly.

The first dance was to... I have no idea... The things you can't remember only a month later.  I blame pregnancy brain.

I'm pretty sure the mother/son dance was to "I Hope You Dance".

River liked watching the dances, while sneaking ever so slowly towards the flower girl.  He might look innocent in this picture, but it was only seconds later that his hand started sliding under her dress!  Not kidding!

Play live music and good luck getting my little man off the dance floor.  I was so glad Bear was here to do most of the dancing this time.

 His shirt kept getting more and more unbuttoned. We were about to have a Latin dancer on our hands.

My little man got all smoochie with me for a second.  What a sweetie!

 Yeah... he's a heart breaker.

Some of my cute family members.  We don't let the ugly ones take pictures.

A cute shot of me and my dad.

I think this is a must if you get married in October.  It was prettier without my flash.

The bride having too much fun in the photo booth.  So did we, but I'll save those incriminating photos for when I'm famous.

I'm glad there was a break in the rain.  These pictures were too much fun.

 Does it get any more magical???

 Oh wait... It does.


Lindsay's Little Owls said...

Wow, you Fields kids really know how to do weddings right. All three of your weddings have been so super glamourous. Now that you've finished Jessica's and got Luke's up, you need to put some reminder photos of your incredible wedding on again. But the best part of the post is seeing how amazingly beautiful you are at 35+ months prego. You are seriously stunning. Your hair is super pretty too. I love the sweet photos of your and River. Motherhood is so beautiful of you. Can't wait to meet your new blessing. I love you so much Lil!

susan said...

I agree with Lindsay's Little Owls post. What a wedding and you are truly stunning Lil and that River, they don't come any cuter!! Hope you and Bear are ready for the new little 'Cub'. Still not letting the name out yet? Can't believe it is so close. Be sure and call us OK? Think of you all everyday! Love Grandpa and Grandma Bear