Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rumbles and Grumbles

(Sorry River... we need the crib.)

We are super close to the end.  In fact, I had a doctors appointment today that I almost forgot about.  I hadn't bothered writing it on the calendar, because I was so positive I wouldn't need it.  I now have a doctor's appointment for next Tuesday and haven't written it on the calendar either.  Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

I trust my baby and my body to deliver when the time is right.  I was just hoping their timing would agree with my brains timing.  My brain wanted to deliver before my face got fat, but noooo, we had to wait one more week.  Most women don't tend to gain a lot of weight the last part of their pregnancy.  Some women even lose a little, but not me.  I am like a cotton candy machine, just collecting weight from the air circling around me.  It doesn't matter what I eat/don't eat, or how much I walk, the weight just really starts to pile on... like my body is preparing for WWIII.

Oh well... I'm enjoying the last few days of this little one moving inside me.  The Cub has been quite the mover and I am going to miss it, but I can't wait to look into his eyes.

Every pregnancy is different and this one has brought much more random aches and pains.  I will be walking around, fine as can be and then it feels like someone has grabbed the tendons between my groin and quads and snapped them like rubber bands   It is not a sensation you want to feel... trust me.  I've been brought to my knees more than once.  I have a lot harder time sleeping than I did with River.  It's weird, because I am not any bigger, but everything is a lot more sore.  I attribute it to running around after a toddler all day instead of taking it easy and reading a book like I did with my first pregnancy.

River has thankfully started to nap again.  (I say this while holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed.)  He hadn't napped in two weeks and I was devastated with the timing.  He's almost three and my friends are split about 50/50 on their 3 three year olds that nap and don't.  I know he will outgrow it eventually, but I didn't want to deal with that transition right on top of having a newborn.  I prayed and prayed for at least six more months of napping and just when I was about to give up, he took a nap.  Yay!!!!  So, I am hoping it sticks.

I took River to a siblings class at the hospital.  He was the only boy in it.  All the little girls were so good holding their baby dolls.  River wouldn't touch the thing... until the nurse pointed out that babies have a soft spot on their heads that you aren't supposed to touch.  All the little girls were horrified by my soft spot crushing little boy, who simultaneously was saying, "Look mom... a soft spot, a soft spot!"  I wonder if I can get my five dollars back?

I love my family so much.  My husband just cleaned the inside of my car way better than I ever could and he set up the car seats for me.  River is an endless bundle of energy, but he is happiest when he is making us laugh and I am amazed at what he comes up with.  The Cub is a rock star.  I can already tell and Noodle is my kindred napping/chocolate eating spirit.  Just in case post partum issues creep up on me, or run over me with a bulldozer like they did last time, I want all my guys to know how happy they make me.

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Iris said...

Reread this when you need to... Here's hoping that I am the only one feeling blue... *I reserve the right to feel sorry for myself*