Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Festivities

I love Autumn!  Like seriously totes could marry it if it was allowed in the state of Utah.  However, October has been exhausting for this super pregnant mom and I am kind of glad to see it go.  That being said, crisp breezes, colorful leaves and the smell of apple cider in the air are all allowed to stay for awhile.

Here's some pictures of just a few of our October festivities...

We visited the Louisburg Cider Mill when we went to Kansas City... mostly because I wanted an apple cider donut and they hard to come by in Utah.

We got an apple cider to share, but the little man drank it dry.  He liked it so much, he didn't come up for air.  Oh well, I still got my donut.

I love how little kids can make instant friends with whomever they come across... so cute!

Teaching Preschool!

Did you notice they are all boys?  We played pin the mouth on the Jack-O-Lantern.  By the way, they hated being blindfolded and kept telling me they couldn't see where the pumpkin was... hmm... sorta the point, but since they are two and three year olds, I'll let them get away with it.

Making decorations.

I think my inner theatre major accidentally expressed itself with the pumpkin plates.

It's a bat mobile... get it???

We went to a zombie themed birthday party.  We decided to go as members of the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil).  I did the best I could do with my giant pregnant belly.  I was just happy I didn't have to get my hair dirty.

Awesome zombie cake.

Pretty sure I could take Alice on... even being pregnant.

The kids were so cute.  They danced all night.  At first River wasn't too sure about dancing with this crew.

But then he totally got into it.  They all formed a group and named it the Giant Zombies.  Then they choreographed a dance and performed it for everyone at the party.  Bear even had thee DJ announce it.  River hung right in there and in my opinion, stole the show.  I was bummed that it was too dark to get any video.

We went to an awesome pumpkin patch.  I had been disappointed with the ones I had been to in Utah previously.  They charged way to much and had nothing for kids to do.  Black Island Farms in Syracuse, UT was great.  It was $4 a person, since we had a group and we liked it so much, we stayed for 3 hours.

They had a bounce house.

And a hay ride.

 We picked out a pumpkin.

And rode the train.

They had tons of hay bale castles with slides to climb and play on.  They had corn mazes with corn so tall you couldn't see over. (This was a pet-peeve of mine with previous patches I had been too.

And they had a petting zoo.  This llama picture is for my sister.  She is a llama fan.

I also thew an impromptu Halloween party the same day we went to the pumpkin patch.  I invited River's best buds Hutch and Rocky over, with their families and we made mini pizzas, pulled pork sandwiches, ate donuts and drank cider.  I had planned on watching Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, but we were having too much fun just hanging out.  I was too busy eating donuts to take pictures, but it was so fun I had to mention it.

I had a girls night out where we dressed up and a Halloween Party that started too late for River to go to, so I went by myself.  I dressed up as a pregnant cheerleader both times.  (Tacky, I know.)  All in all, I wore this costume three times in one week and every time it got noticeably tighter.  I must be doing something wrong with the wash???

My little man is so cute in this picture.  I love that he happens to be wearing a football shirt.  Obviously this is one pregnant cheerleader that didn't learn her lesson the first time around.  Ooops! (Also, ignore the fact that the red eye correcter makes everyone look a little crazy... I need to find a better program.)

We made treats for all the parties.  I love my assistant.

Some serious sprinkling going on and yes that is frosting on his face.  Please don't question our kitchen practices.

And finally...  HALLOWEEN!

He had been practicing all month long and I can officially say, River is now an expert trick or treater.

Also a very successful one, because he is so dang cute.

 After trick or treating, we went to a backyard party with some friends.  River one a prize for Fastest Costume (Personally I think I should have one that prize... get it???)  There I go being tacky again.

Here's the fam... looks like the pregnant chearleader isn't very loyal to her team.

River's stash... now how to make most of it disappear without him realizing it.

This is a pumpkin we came across while trick or treating tonight.  I thought I'd end the post with it, because it  sums up how I feel right now.  Halloween Hangover in deed... no alcohol necessary.  It was fun, but I'm on to more relaxing things in November, like giving birth and staying up all night with a newborn.  Ah Man!


IrisLillie said...

My goodness this was an epic post. After all this, childbirth and newborn should seem relaxing.

Beandip said...

Soooooo great! Thanks for the update, loved the post! I miss u all so much! Hmmmm I gotta figure out when I can visit next dang it!!!