Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Post #3

Usually wedding years and baby years rotate in my life, but this year, I've been invited to as many weddings as baby showers.  I am way behind on posting about them, but before I start, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't travel back in time and do the third and final post on my sister's wedding.  I had a baby before I could get to it and then got lost in baby land for three years, so before the past repeats itself...  Post One, Post Two and now on the eve of their third anniversary... the highly anticipated and long awaited... Post Three.

After a three year delay, the details are fuzzy.  Here's what I remember.  The desert sunset across her ceremony was picturesque, the train that barreled down the tracks for five minutes right when the ceremony began was humorous, but a bit stressful for my husband who was performing the ceremony, my emotions were a little bi-polar... I was happy, having a great time with friends and family and yet... still kind of felt like someone was stealing my sister, (Aren't parents supposed to feel that way?  I guess I've been known to act like a second mom at times, but only in the most annoying and holier than thou kind of way.)  and finally... I remember with perfect clarity how beautiful my sister looked.  Ahhhhhh-Maze-Ing!!!

Told Ya!

Beautiful Mom/Beautiful Daughter

I might have been the Matron of Honor, but Parisa was the Wedding Miracle Worker.  I'm sad I don't have a better picture of her.  She planned, cooked, decorated and basically brought the whole thing together.  We love her.

 Something Blue

The gorgeous desert location... Nipton, California

Jessica makes it even prettier.

 The fun perma-tents we got to stay in.  Like camping, but with air conditioning.... which we needed, even in November.

The old LA gang reunites... boy I look young here.  I think my child has aged me.

The inside of the perma-tents.  Did I say camping???  I use that term very loosely.  They were nice.

With my dad getting ready to head out for the ceremony.  One last go team Fields cheer!

 Heading down the aisle.

Towards the most respectable Reverend ever... we called my husband the Ministainer. (Like Joey on Friends)

The sunset was awesome.  I should have gotten a picture of the train.  I was too busy trying not to laugh at the timing.

Did I tell you my cute brother was one of my sister's bridesmaids?  He grew his hair out just to fit in.  His one condition... "I am not walking down the aisle arm and arm with a dude."

I kind of like the wind blown hair in this picture and I LOVE her snap dragon bouquet.  Great job Parisa.

 A tower of cupcakes, instead of the traditional wedding cake.  I was pregnant, so I had to try one of every kind.

Hey Jess and Josh, how bout one more picture before you get to eat... No?  Okay then.

Entering into the old school house that had been set up for the dinner.

This picture does no justice to the beauty and feel of the inside of the school house.  I wish I had some of the professional pics to share with you.

Back outside for the dancing.  Their first dance was to... I have no idea... the things you forget in three years.

Father daughter dance to... Again I don't remember, but I am pretty sure it was by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The bouquet toss.

The garter toss... by the way, my sister's legs were so in shape.  I guess that is what ultra marathon running will do for you.  I'll have to give that a try.  If you can't hear me... I am currently choking on my laughter.

Oh Reverend... you are so respectable... and is it just me, or does River look like he's trying to punch right out of my belly here.

Speaking of my belly... it was getting molested all night and usually by repeat offenders...

Suspect #1 Brooke

Suspect #2 The Bride

Nothing says classy wedding like your pregnant bridesmaid holding a beer bottle.

Having fun...


It was time to say goodbye.  Boo.  I'm not going to lie.  It was pretty emotional for me and I think only half of it was pregnancy hormones.

The get-a-way car.

Riding off into the sunset... well it was already dark, but you get the idea.

At least I still get to hang out with these fools.

And load up on the candy favors... sugar high baby!

Mission accomplished!

Rocking it the next day with my 32 weeks pregnant belly and sweat pants.

Noodle was so ready to go home.  Little did he know his home would soon include a tail pulling toddler.

The End!

Happy Three Year Anniversary Jessica and Josh!

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Beandip said...

I absolutely love this post! The memories are so much fun, that was definitely a great time! Beautiful wedding too of course!