Monday, October 17, 2011


Once again the pictures on my camera are accumulating and I can't seem to keep up with the posts.  One thing I didn't want to miss writing about was my friend Matt's Angel-Versary.  On Sept 21st, we gathered at Utah Veteran's Memorial to honor him.  These gatherings are always bittersweet.  It is nice to be around people who share great memories and stories of the person you lost, but so heartbreaking to see the hole their absence has left in so many lives.  I was grateful to be there.  I am always enriched when I put my day to day life aside for a moment and remember the things that are truly important... family, friends, freedom, love, service, sacrifice, hope, faith and God.

When we got to the cemetery, all the grass had been dug up and the headstones were being moved.  Bad timing, but thankfully they had stopped for the day right before Matt's headstone.  River kept wanting to touch Matt's picture.  Even now, kids still love him.

 River picked orange balloons to release.  We were launching a rainbow of colors to give Matt back a rainbow for all the rainbows he gives us.  His family always gets a rainbow from heaven, no matter the time of year, on the days they need it most.

After some convincing, I finally got River to let go of his balloons.

When you gather to remember someone, you never know if you are going to laugh, or cry, or both.  I thought I would be teary eyed, watching the balloons float away, but instead I was filled with a burst of joy and had a huge smile on my face.  That's the way Matt prefers it, I'm sure.

River may, or may not be a little resentful about letting the balloons go.

Here's Matt's parents in the red.  You know the country song that says, "Some Gave All".  I used to think of the servicemen or women when I'd hear that song, but now I think of their parents, children, wives or husbands. To keep living each day, after you've given everything... they are heroes.

 Hug your children tight, kiss your husband goodnight, have a long conversation with your mom and then even talk to your dad for a minute, pet your cat and consider your day well spent... now that's my kind of to do list.

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Jessica Rudder said...

He sounds like he was a really great guy. It's tragic that more people won't get to know him.

I love that he sends his family rainbows when they need them. Sending one back to him seems like the perfect way to honor him.

I'm glad you were able to convince River to part with his awesome orange balloon. Though, Matt sounds like the kind of guy that wouldn't have minded if the little man kept it.

Also, I just realized that we both posted about bittersweet things today.

That is a total ~brainwave~!