Monday, October 24, 2011


My friend Becca told me that we're all born with OCD, but some of us outgrow it.  Having a Toddler proves that to be true.  Here are some Riverisms.

* He has to stand up, before I pull him out of his crib... or it will be WWIII.
* He prefers sitting in this bucket.

 * He loves doing laundry and runs in our room, grabbing clean clothes off the shelf and takes them to the washing machine.
* He also starts shaking side to side when the agitator starts moving.  He's done that since he was super tiny.
* He won't get out of the tub till every last drop of water is drained.

* He has to put a piece of toilet paper in while the toilet is flushing and if you manage to sneak in there by yourself and he hears the flush, you better have some ear plugs.
* When he does sit in a chair, he is a lounger and kicks one foot over the arm rest.  I used to sit this way all the time as kid... it must be genetic.

* He won't ask you to do something, he just pretends to try and do it himself, while grunting for effect and looking at you like, "What's taking you so long to help?"  This one is hard to explain and I'm still trying to catch it on video.
* He can spot every ball and every balloon and hear every plane flying overhead about 20 seconds before I hear or see them.
* He must hand me my shoes in the morning, before I put them on,or it is melt down city.

* He has a love/hate relationship with stickers and most sticker sessions end in tears of frustration.
* He has always separated things by color and will only carry around the blue balls from his ball pit, the blue crayon, the blue magnets from the fridge and his blue plaid shorts.
* The blue magnets are always either the V's or the W's and always a matching pair.

* He likes to let his food salivate for a minute.  I call it juicing.
* He drinks out of the side of his mouth, just like his Dad, so he won't break eye contact when he needs to take a sip. (This picture isn't the best example, but it's close.)

* To the best of my knowledge, he's never been bitten by anything other than a mosquito, but this little man does not like spiders.  Real ones, fake ones, cartoons ones, it doesn't matter.  He gets the chills whenever he sees one.

* He's into wearing pants on his head.  I don't know?

* He has to hold his bear to say his prayers.
* He always signs Daddy and says Mommy, but never the other way around.
* He also likes to hide my stuff (mostly my drivers license, credit cards, chap stick and tampons... but only the tampons in the blue wrappers... in his dad's work boots.

I'm sure these things will fade with time, but I don't want them to fade from my memory.  I'm sure I've forgotten a dozen things, but bottom line, he is a character.


Scott and Stacia said...

What a character!! I love the toddler age. Can't wait to hang out with that kid!

Jessica Rudder said...

I'm pretty sure that the main thing that River is into is being super cute!

I love how much of a unique person he is. He's got his own preferences and ideas of the way things should be and if he wants to sit in a buck or sling his leg over the side of a chair, so be it. :D

I love getting to know him (though I wish we were closer so I could spend more time with him).

annette said...

Toddlers are soooo weird and ridiculously particular. It's probably the best thing about them!