Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Boys

Have you ever noticed that moms with two boys almost always have a third boy if/when they get pregnant again.  Well at least in my life anyway... Jen, Mary and Jodi.  My husband is one of three boys and while that may seem intimidating to some, it does have its advantages.  Take our last trip to Wyoming for example.  All three brothers were able to visit at once.  While the menu would have probably been better if there was a daughter somewhere in the mix (wait is that supposed to be me... FAIL) you usually wouldn't get three girls looking at their mom's deck and randomly deciding to tear it down and build her a new one.  Right there.  On the spot.  No planning, or cost estimation, or even permission... Arlene was at work.  But hey, who needs permission for a new anything.  Word!

I didn't get a before picture, because without warning it was torn down, but this is River and Zander playing on the deck back in March.

Then it quickly became a big giant drop off from her kitchen patio door.  The boys were really upset when they were no longer allowed to go outside.  It is a good thing the brothers decided to build a new deck, because this one came down with one board removed and a tiny push.  Safe... not so much.

Having lived in apartments for the last15 years of my life, home improvement projects aren't really in my vocabulary.  I was a little surprised by how fast the new deck started coming together.  I'm totally the "Don't we need a professional to do that?" person, but hopefully one day I will be reformed.

Nothing speeds up the process like chasing after a toddler and making sure he doesn't pull a superman off the side.

 Oh no Mama... who put these bars back up?

River was great at setting the nails in the holes Bear pre-drilled.  It held his attention forever.

Z getting in on the action... yes he color coordinates with all his tools.  What, you don't?

When we left, it was almost done.  Cody and Arlene just had to put on some side rails for the steps and then stain it.  It is bigger and soooo much sturdier than the original.  Not too shabby.

My personal favorite touch is the latching gate in front of the stairs.  Hmmm... I wonder why?

Here is Arlene with her three boys and their three boys.  Check the ruffles and lace at the door, because it's camo time in these parts.

Yep... all boys can be pretty great, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to change things up a bit.  Can I get an amen!


Heidi said...

Everyone told me the odds of having a third boy went way up after having two boys already -- not sure how that was supposed to work. But I guess in our case, it didn't. Two and two is pretty awesome! Though I would love for some spontaneous home improvements to come my way in the future!

Jessica Rudder said...

Awwww...what nice boys. When I have a house, they are always welcome to come over and build me a deck.

Bear and Cody look a lot alike. At least, they look a lot alike to me in these photos. I didn't notice it when I saw them together in person at your wedding.

Also, I looked it up and, according to a longitudinal study of ~13,000 Americans, if you have no children, you have a 51% chance of having a boy. If you have 1 boy, you have a 50% chance of having another boy. If you have 2 boys, you have a 52.3% chance of having a 3rd boy. And, if you have 3 boys, it's time to adopt a girl and stop rolling the dice. :) Though, if you're curious, if you've already got 3 boys there is a 56.4% chance that you'll have another boy.

Scott and Stacia said...

Interesting stats on having boys. I guess I have a higher chance than you, if that makes you feel any better :) How nice that your Mother-in-Law got a new deck.