Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy St. Valentine's Day

At work on Friday the 13th, my coworkers and I were discussing how we would rather get flowers on any other day of the year over Valentine's Day, because then it is more of a surprise. My lovely husband must have been in tune with the universe that day. He surprised me with flowers and yummy chocolate after I woke from a late afternoon nap. His reason for the early giving, "I just thought it would be more fun for you if it was a surprise!"
The only downside to flowers on other days of the year... Not being photo ready.

Looking slightly more festive today.


Drew said...


This is Drew, not Candice. I just read what you wrote on her post.

The Priesthood does bless your home.

How is your home different because of the Sacrament? Or paying your tithes? Or the temple? Or the revelations that come to a living prophet? You can still receive blessings, and I hope you have. How have your Bishops blessed your home? Or the callings that have come to you through the Priesthood.

Hang tight, it will come someday, but until it does, please know you are surrounded by the blessings of the Priesthood in your home.


Candice said...

Yay for your husband. He sounds so awesome. Having a husband who is better than I am as a wife is a wonderful thing. I fully appreciate how great yours is.

Jensens said...

Oh...that's so sweet! I love Valentine's day (now that I'm married and have someone to celebrate it with no matter what) :)

BTW - I fully agree with Drew's comment. Grace gave the talk in primary today, and it made me realize how the Priesthood can bless everyone's home.

Scott and Stacia said...

Way to go Bear! Nothing like feeling loved :)