Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pure Gold

My favorite band of all time is Creed. It just so happens Creed was passing through SLC during the Winter Olympics of 2002. My wife Lil (girlfriend at that time) happened to be working for the Olympic communitee at that time. She managed, somehow, to get me tickets to the sold out show. I must say, it was one of the most vibrant, coolest times in my life. Seeing LIVE a band that I had listened to over and over again. I was holding back in anticiapation, hoping they would play my favorite songs and. . . . they did. When they played "Hide" I could barely inhale. Amazing! So, tonight is my usual late Saturday night time listening to great music and hearing a "Creed" tune brought this beautiful memory back to me. I guess it got my thinking about the good things. I just wanted to let Scott and Stacia know were excited for and love them. Congrats to Andy and Marianne for getting a movie released by a major studio. To Jessica, purely because we think you are the coolest and sweetest person we have ever met. To my mother/father in law cause growing up I thought I'd always thought I'd hate my future in laws (to many movies) then come to find out how fun and full a family can be. To my Mom for being everything I hope and aspire to be. To Candice and The Jensens for posting on our blog. I know I don't know you, but your posts brighten up mine and my wifes day. Cheers to everyone else remembering the small, little things that last forever. The biggest thanks, to my wife. . for the Creed concert. Which may seem small and forgettable. But is one of my fondest and dear memories. I love you.


Jensens said...

That is so sweet! I love it.

Drew said...

And we are thankful for Mr. Bear who married Mrs. Bear. Yours is our favorite blog. I wish that I was as great of a former girlfriend/wife as Mrs. Bear, because I have never gotten sold out tickets to anything, let alone my husband's favorite band. If I had, he might be having happy rememberings such as this, which evolve into a wonderful gratitude fest (I love those).



Jessica Fields said...


Don't say that so loud or you'll ruin my reputation. ;)

Thank you for the kind words. I always figured my future brother-in-law would be decent since my sister has good taste (I taught her everything she knows) but I never thought she'd find someone that fit into the family as easily and was as awesome as you are.

It's really great to have you as my brother...

...even if you are a lefty!