Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

I prayed for children and the Lord called me to Primary. Bear asked me to be more specific next time, as he doesn't want a Boy Scout troop in need of a leader showing up at our door.

We had our quarterly Primary activity this morning. The theme was families. We learned that everyone is unique and every person is an important part of their family. All the kids each colored one part of a picture and created a completely unique individual.

Then we cut out pictures from magazines to decorate a picture frame. The frame is the perfect size for the Proclamation of the Family each kid was given.

Then finally we decorated Valentine's Day cookies, which really had nothing to do with families, but no one complained!

This is what happens when you let Sunbeams do their own decorating!

I kept my cookies much more basic. By the way, please notice my USU shirt... #25 in the nation! I of course brought them home to share with my Valentine, but he's taking a nap and his cookie is calling my name, so we'll see...


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Annette said...

That sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Scott and Stacia said...

i love reading your blog. I am constantly laughing :) Sounds like the activity went well. Hope the boy scouts stay away ;)

jessica said...

Cookie thief!!!!!!

IrisLillie said...

Boy Scouts would be good for Bear!!

Not sure if the Boys would bennefit..

Don't you just hat ads snuck in your blogs??

You make a day at Primary look fun... and that has GOT TO BE hard to do.

Candice said...

The first line is one of my favorite. You are so funny. Specific prayers, I will definitely remember that one.