Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rest Of The Story

I have to admit, I may have teared up when I read Bear's surprise post. He needs to warn me when he writes sweet things on non-holidays. Anyway, it got me thinking about what I was doing the night of the infamous Creed Concert. I had been working for the Olympics at the Medals Plaza. It was 31 straight days of 14 hour shifts, outside and during a very cold winter. The Creed concert was close to the final days of the Olympics and my body was getting pretty run down by this point. The day before, I went to Crossroads Mall on my lunch break and had Chinese food. Big Mistake. Big. I spent the entire night throwing up.
I was very weak the next day, but went to work anyway. It had been stressed to us many times that while working for the Olympics we were not allowed to miss a single day. I made it through most of the day, but by the time the concert started I was really not feeling well. My boss noticed and said I could go home. Once the concerts started, I didn't have anything to do anyway and if any of the camera crew forgot to sign out, I could catch them the next day. I said okay and started to walk to my car. This is when I fainted.
I woke up in the Olympic Emergency Tent with an IV pumping fluids into my arm. I was more than a little delirious. I could hear Creed blasting from the stage and kept holding my arms the way a ballerina would in first position every time the band sang children keep on dancing. The doctors asked if I had anyone they could call to come pick me up. I did, but he was here at the concert, somewhere in the massive crowd. A fact I found very hysterical and for some odd reason, the doctors didn't.


Candice said...

What a story. A sold out Creed concert and a girl who gave her health to the smooth running of the Olympics.

Did Bear find out that you were in the emergency tent? How did you eventually get out?

Jessica Fields said...

"How did you eventually get out?"

If I know Lil she probably just decided she was fine, got up, and left (regardless of what any doctors/nurses told her and how delirious she might have been at the time).

Joleen said...

Lil, I am so glad to be able to catch up on your life. I'm glad to 'hear' you happy.
Bear's memory sparked mine. Remember "The Nutcracker?" It comes to mind on occasion and makes me smile. How lucky to share a birthday with you!
If I could, I'd send you a virtual tea party. Alas, I don't know how..
Next time you come to the midwest, let me know. We'll host you!
Love to you and Bear.