Monday, February 2, 2009

It's About Time

Ladies and Gentlemen... the moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Dead Noon has come out at Wal-Mart/Best Buy/Blockbuster for you to Rent/Buy/Get copies for all of your friends. Are you required to buy it if you are my friend? Yes! Does it matter that it is R rated? No! Do I care if you are strapped for cash? Not really. This is Hollywood people. It's what's really important.
All joking aside, our movie is FINALLY being released on DVD today. It has been a project years in the making. Everyone involved worked on this movie for free and despite freezing our you- know-whats off in the middle of a Wyoming winter, we had a blast doing it. We made this movie for $4,000 and miraculously sold it to Lionsgate. If any of you know film, you understand that a $4,000 budget is so low it's pretty much unheard of, but Dead Noon had enough magic to catch Lionsgate's attention and for that we are proud, happy and grateful. The studio made some changes we didn't agree with, but we are looking only at the positive, which is Dead Noon has gone further than any of us thought possible when we headed out to Wyoming with a partially finished 45 page script in hand.
Here is the Lionsgate Trailer of Dead Noon for your viewing pleasure.

We know low budget indie zombie westerns aren't everyone's cup of tea, but we would love whatever support you can offer. Thank you.


IrisLillie said...

First One On The Block!!!

I rushed right out this morning and bought it. Actually, I had to take Ben to the bus stop so I HAD to go out first thing this morning, but I did go straight to Wal-mart after dropping Ben off.

I proceeded directly to the movie section only to find a somewhat unenthused employee staring at the new release section of the videos. He was by a large cart with several boxes most of them unopened, and a sign marking the cart “Hold to 2/3 12:01AM”.

As it was now after 7AM I looked over what few new videos that had been put on display only to not find what I wanted. Then I inquired of the afore mentioned employee if he had stocked “Dead Noon”. He reply was that the regular guy hadn’t shown up last night so he wasn’t sure what was done or when he would get too do the rest of the stocking. (Remember he was just kinda standing there).

He did say that all the name tags of the expected new videos were in place, so if I could spot the flick I was looking for, he would at least know that he had it in one of the boxes. I quickly perused the tags and found my target, turned to tell him there was a slot & could he look for a copy for me, but he had wandered off to talk with a customer/friend and was unavailable.

Not to be discourage.. I just dug through the boxes and “SCORED”. I took my copy and left, but not before showing him, the checkout girl and the greeter at the door, my baby girl on the cover.

Maybe I had the first purchase in the nation…

The Bears said...

So cute Mom. I love you!

Annette said...

That is awesome! I am so happy for you. Keep Smiling...