Friday, February 6, 2009

It's an Epidemic

Since not all my loved ones are on Facebook, I thought I'd spread the 25 things disease to my blog. Beware cross contamination.

The First 25 Things that Came to Mind by Lillith

1. I agree with Leonardo Davinci that even the smallest feline is a masterpiece and I could watch my cat all day. He’s magical.
2. I have a theory that women are a lot like cats and therefore you should never trust a man that HATES cats, because he probably won’t like you either. I tested this theory only once and definitely was proven right.
3. I think the world is a magical place, filled with miracles, beauty and constant reminders of God’s love for me.
4. I make wishes on the following: the first star I see at night (which is usually Venus, because it’s the brightest), birthday candles, dandelion wisps, white butterflies, shooting stars, and when the clock says 11:11, 12:34 or 3:33.
5. I had such vivid dreams of flying as a child, that they seem more like memories. In these dreams I could only fly if I jumped off the back of our orange couch. I’m almost positive that I could fly now, if I only had that couch.
6. My favorite word is Family. I love what it means. I love mine. I like how it sounds and I think it is very pretty when written in cursive.
7. My first love was gymnastics and I still cry at every Olympics.
8. I name everything and wanted to get a job naming make-up and nail polish colors.
9.I have never met another person with my first name. I know they exist and I’m on the lookout.
10. I laugh at my own jokes, before I get to the punch line. I inherited this from my dad.
11. I cry anytime I tell a story, even if it’s not sad. I get this from my mom.
12. My favorite parts to play are action roles and I’d be completely content to never win an Oscar, but have the female version of Bruce Willis’s career.
13. When I was in second grade, I loved reading historical romance novels and I got accused of cheating on a history assignment, because I used the words serf, lords and peasant. Apparently second graders aren’t supposed to know such words. Good thing I didn’t use any of the other words I learned in the romance novels.
14. I skipped eighth grade.
15. I am about as Pro-Life as you can get and for this reason (and many others) I almost always vote republican.
16. I am a cat and a dog person, but if I had to choose only one it would be Cats hands down.
17. I fell in love with my husband, because he took the time to care for a pregnant stray cat, find homes for her babies, get her spayed and then find her a loving home. I think he’s the only single guy in his twenties (at the time) that would have done this and I’m happy he’s all mine.
18. My favorite paintings are of ballerina dancers.
19. I have the funniest and most intelligent family on earth and I am unfortunately the least funny and intelligent of the bunch. But hey, it’s very stiff competition.
20. I loved being in college. It was the most concentrated amount of fun I have ever had. I wish I could get 10 more degrees, but I doubt it would be the same.
21. I think too much. I have trouble being in the moment. Even when I was skydiving, there was a minute I forgot to just experience it and instead was thinking about how I should write about it in my blog.
22. I miss living by my family and my girlfriends.
23. I am not modest by nature and probably would have ended up a burlesque dancer if my parents hadn’t taught me right.
24. When I was a kid I would "train" for field day during recess. Needless to say, I have won my fair share of blue ribbons.
25. I’ve done nothing to deserve my Savior’s love, but I thank God for it everyday.


Drew said...

I love this list. It confirms every good thing that I have ever thought of you.



IrisLillie said...

It was sweet of you to claim the last place in funny and intelligence... but trust me... she is being very modest..

Joleen said...

This was really run and insightful reading, Lil. I miss you. Glad you pop in on my blog once in a while.