Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'll admit it... I never realized how important dads are, till I became a mom. Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing dad. He took us to Worlds of Fun at the end of the school year, if our grades were good. We got hotdogs at Royals games and he cracked us up, just by saying the word schniclkegruber. When it came to my mom or dad taking us to the park, I would way rather go with my dad. He could push the merry-go-round so fast, we would hold tight to the bars and our legs would go airborne. All this being said, it was my mother who seemed so central to my life. How could our family exist without her.
My mom is still central, but my dad has joined her there. Being River's mom is a joy, but I have time to revel in the happiness of it all, because Bear takes him off my hands when I need a minute. He goes to work every night and doesn't complain. He cooks the meals on days when I am frazzled and always likes whats for dinner, even when it is boring. He made me understand that my own dad probably had other things he'd rather do than commute 45 min to work and work at a car plant.
I know dads sometimes take the supporting role in the eyes of their kids, but thank goodness for that support. I love you dad and Bear.... I know River loves you like crazy! Happy Father's Day.


Hal Fields said...

Aww, shucks.


annette said...

Way to make a postpartum woman tear up.

I'm loving these daily updates.