Monday, June 20, 2011

Under The Wire

In an effort to keep my goal of one post per day, I had to publish this post right before midnight and then edit the sloppy mess after. That's not cheating, because I make the rules.
I thought it was appropriate to mark the first official day of Summer, by showcasing the little taste of Summer we had back in April. While Utah had a barrage of snowy Spring storms, River and I escaped to Phoenix and tanned are pasty hides. Some more of us, than others... see evidence below.

Ahhh... the simple joys of a backyard. Please don't take them for granted.

Here is the evidence, as aforementioned above in paragraph two, sentence three.

My appropriately named water baby. I had to keep a sharp eye on this little one. He bee lined for the pool every time he was outside. Luckily, they had a catch-a-kid net put on while we were there. It is seriously a must have, if you have a pool and kids.

Becca's four year old, Natalee... aka... Miss Tough Cookie. Earlier this year, she had what appeared to be a large and aggressive tumor on her bladder. Eight different doctors came to the same conclusion, but with a lot of fasting and praying on her behalf, it turned out to be an infected cyst. I know not every story has this happy of an ending, but I'm sure glad this one does. We love you Natalee!

I turn the corner and this is what I see. I don't know about you, but they seem a little suspect, if you ask me.

River loves ceiling fans, what baby doesn't? He was thrilled to be able to control it all by himself, with their remote. Does this look fun? I sure hope so, since it was a large part of our vacation.

We attempted to take the whole crew out. Anymore of us and we won't even fit in Becca's van. By the way, I think River is spent. It must be the thrill of being forward facing in a carseat for the first time. (Don't get used to it buddy.)

Lindsay's son Kai was very enamored with this cactus. This was his meditation rock.

The joy of fly swatters... who knew?

Our little bunch of royalty. Kai informed us that he was King Benjamin and then preceeded to relate the entire Book of Mormon story to us. It warms the heart.

The above photo has not been retouched in any way. These three are really just that breathtaking.

He's gone native.

I loved my time with my best girls. Somehow, the one photo of the three of us has gone missing. Just know, we make each other smile really, REALLY big. I am so grateful for every second I get to spend with them, as our families get bigger and our lives get busier. I am also grateful for swimming pools, sunkissed skin and pizza on the grill... seriously... I dream about that last one. Here's to a happy Summer everyone and may Autumn come and rescue me quickly.


Lynnell said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Bickham Family said...

I love this post and at the same time it just reminds me that I can't have you guys here for weeks like this every week. I am so grateful for it though. Every girl should have best friends like this. It really is even more fun than it look people and I think it looks pretty fun!