Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Going To Be A Hot One

Summer is definitely upon us. It was hott with two t's in Salt Lake today and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. (Or better if you are one of those weird bikram yoga loving heat freaks.) During the rainy Spring, I had the opportunity to buy a cheap season pass to a water park, but passed in an attempt to save a little dough. WHAT was I thinking??? Apparently not about the torturous sun rays of death. Epic fail on my part, but the good news is, I discovered a little treasure hiding in Liberty Park. The best part is, it's free.
If you live in Salt Lake, take your tots to splash in the Seven Canyon Fountain at Liberty Park. It is an awesome set of fountains, designed after the seven canyons that surround Salt Lake... so where a mountain would be, there is a really big rock and where a river would be, there is a shallow canal, perfect for baby splashing. Babies have to wear a swim diaper and I hear, though I don't know for sure, they run a little chlorine through it to keep everything clean. I was there during free lunch time at the park, so probably the busiest time of the day and the fountains are so big, River had plenty of room to explore without getting run over by bigger kids. Let me know when you want to go.

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IrisLillie said...

I want to play.... it looks fun.