Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Good Brushing

(Photo By Marianne Wiest Photography)

This is another what works for me post. When River got his first couple teeth, brushing them was a nightmare. I would hold him down, kicking and screaming, while trying to pry open his mouth, for maybe... 3 seconds worth of brushing. My sister in law recommended an electric toothbrush and we haven't looked back sense. The vibrating and noise intrigued him and it became a little game. I don't think we quite get the suggested 3 minutes of brushing, twice a day, but we get a lot more than 3 seconds and it involves no more tears. We bought the electric toothbrush from Wal-Mart that is $4.99 and comes with stickers to personalize it. That was a bonus as it provided 15 minutes of entertainment and you Moms know, we live our lives 15 minutes at a time. I hope this message reaches the right person and I'd love to hear any of your bed, bath and brushing tips.

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annette said...

I have been pinning Gray twice daily for subpar brushes--I think I'll try your method; it sounds far less traumatizing!