Monday, June 27, 2011

Signing Time

I've made it my mission to not let my family be big tv watchers. I hate, HATE the tv on, unless there is a specific show or game to be viewed. Many people can have it on for background noise, but I get sucked into the dumbest show, so off is better for me. I can't wait to have a house, where the tv won't have to be in the main room. I also can't wait to have a dining room, so we won't be tempted to eat our meals with the tv on. These are the things I dream of.
My only exception to my general dislike of daytime tv viewing is Signing Time. Granted the songs get stuck in my head on a never-ending repeat cycle, but River loves it and he is learning signs faster than I can keep up. The day finally came this past week, when he was doing a sign I didn't know. It was happy. In my defense, happy and bath look a lot alike.
I think he likes the show so much, because he understands what they are saying. I like it, because I feel like my baby is a genius when I ask him what he wants and he can let me know. When he starts to get frustrated, I say, use your signs and he does. I know he'll be talking my ear off soon, but I am thankful for this earlier form of communication. Plus it's just so darn cute watching him sign more, more, more to the Deacons as they pass the Sacrament. Sorry buddy, you only get one piece of bread.
He really can sign more than just more, but at the time these videos were taken, it was my favorite sign. Now my favorite signs are stop, go and mosquito. For the sake of River's biggest video fan, Pops, I'll work on getting those too.


Candice said...

I LOVE Signing Time. I felt that Sarah learned so much about the world while watching it (like combing your hair is something that we are supposed to do every day)as well as her colors and a thousand other things. We still sing all of the songs. I am heading to the library again for more Signing Time.

Jessica Rudder said...

It was so much fun to see him sign when we were all in K.C.

It's especially cool when he would do things that prove that he connects the signs to the world around him (as opposed to just doing the signs because people giggle when he does). For instance, when he kept doing the sign for 'fan' and looking up at the neighbor's house. It was confusing at first, until we saw that he was pointing to the chimney cap (which is metal and spins around exactly like a fan).

I just want to pinch those cheeks!