Friday, June 17, 2011


We took River up the canyon last week. I always say up the canyon, like I still live in Logan and there is only one. Without fail, people ask, "Which one?" Which thouroughly confuses me and then I remember I live in Salt Lake and am surrounded by canyons. I get so into city mode, I forget there is a lot of nature around. Both times I've lived in Salt Lake, the stay was supposed to be short lived, so I've never bothered to become super familiar with it. Maybe one day I'll learn the canyon names, or maybe I'll just move back to Logan. Anyway, he had a lot more fun than his face in this picture would suggest, but I just had to share it. What a cutie.
I babysat for a friend today. She has two little girls and so I was introduced to the movie Tangled. Despite the fact, I was definitely no Rapunzel at the time of my hair coloring (see picture above for proof... the roots are half the hair) I thought it might be a poor movie choice for a girl who just gave up her blondem. I like my dark hair a lot, but watching her golden, sparkly tresses was making me feel like a boring brown crayon. Without giving away the ending, I'd like to report, I was completely wrong and it was the perfect movie for me to watch today.
When do you have to stop thinking you're the Disney Princess in the movie. I suppose when you have daughters. I guess it's a pass the torch kind of thing. Looks like I have a little while, so please refer to me as... well never mind... Rapunzel is kind of a silly name, but don't be suprised if I respond everytime I hear someone say your majesty.
Speaking of not having daughters, I am completely entrenched in boy world. That was proved to me today, while changing the diaper of the little girl I was babysitting. I jumped a foot when I opened up the diaper and there was no penis. I quickly realized I wasn't changing River and all was well, but I sure wish I had a video of my face in that moment. Since I've already taken this blog post down to diaper level, I'll go one notch lower and tell you that River peed on my couch tonight in the two seconds I had his diaper off. Anybody feel like coming over and watching Tangled? Don't worry. We'll put down a towel.

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Heidi said...

I'll never forget the time that we took brand new baby Bethany to her first doctor's appointment (with both her older brothers); the doctor was doing the normal checkup of her "diaper area" when oldest brother loudly asked. "Where's her penis?!" in a very worried tone. I think we had the whole office laughing.