Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Two

Good thing I wrote my goal of posting everyday till July down, because man I am tired, but you can't be a quitter on day two. Please admire this post. I really had to dig deep for it.

This is a total dad outfit... meaning his dad picked it out. What... tye-dye and plaid don't go together???? They're both blue! I find these mismatched outfits really charming.

I'm banking on none of you being able to remember long enough to use these pictures to embarrass my son. River is in the monkey see, monkey do phase of life. He wants to be just like us and copies everything we do... including trying to put on my bra every morning. He stretches it across his chest and walks around for a few minutes, before he hands it back to me. I revel in these innocent moments. To think we were all like that once... no expectation of what is cool, or acceptable, just whatever we felt like in the moment.

Oh yeah.... and by the way... I colored my hair dark brown. I didn't even add highlights. Oh Boy! I was in total shell shock. As it usually does, money won out and I was a little swayed by Bridge Mihalik's awesome photo. After about four hours, I started to like it. Six years ago, I told Bear, "Never let me dye my hair brown and never let me cut bangs." Well, oops I did it again.

Tell me what you think. You can't possibly have a worse reaction than River. His smile of joy, at thinking his mom was home, turned into a terrified look of panic, when he thought I had been body-snatched. I think it confused him really bad. Even after the initial shock wore off, he wouldn't look at me for about twenty minutes. I had to buy him off with a green m&m. They really do taste the best.


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The Ollies said...

You look awesome with brown hair! And I love the bra shots of River!

Erica said...

I like it :)

IrisLillie said...

you never did listen to your mother..